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Clive Waring

Clive has lived in Maleny for 10 years and intimately knows the light, landscape, rainforests and lots of exciting locations for wedding photography.

He is a veteran professional photographer with over 400 hundred weddings and 70,000 studio sessions on his resume. He has worked in studios over a thirty year period in London, Hamburg, Sydney and Brisbane, and now in magical Maleny.

Wedding photography is more than just taking pretty pictures. Weddings have rules and are a very orchestrated event. Every wedding is different because every couple brings something fresh and new to the mix. Clive understands the family dynamics and people skills required to blend everyone involved: from the Bride & Groom, Bridal party, family, friends and even the suppliers.

Relax, stay calm, Clive is here to help smooth out the day. He works with local wedding suppliers who all work as a team to create a seamless, trouble FREE day of your once in a lifetime special event.

Trust Clive to enhance your experience and capture your irreplaceable memories.


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